Music In A Day! Live
Music In A Day! Live
Music In A Day! Live

Music In A Day! Live

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Music In A Day! Live is a one day in-depth Workshop where adults learn how to read music, and where teachers learn how to teach the reading of music more easily. By the end of the Workshop, attendees will be able to completely identify, explain, and use all of the basic symbols that make up the written symbolic language of music. Attendees will be able to demonstrate how those symbols and basic building blocks fit together. They will be able to understand and use the fundamental components of music theory. 

Music In A Day! Live incorporates the Music Decoding System - a unique, innovative approach which uses completely accessible language and everyday objects and experiences - such as a loaf of bread, an apartment building, making a sandwich or making cookies - to decode and explain the basic building blocks of music theory and the core elements of the symbolic language of music.

The Music In A Day! Live Workshop includes six segments which build upon each other to create a comprehensive musical understanding:

  • Why a Quarter Note is Called a Quarter Note & Other Musical Mysteries
  • "But What Does the '3' Mean??" Decoding Time Signatures
  • The Musical Alphabet Penthouse Suites
  • Decrypting Key Signatures – There’s a Method to the Madness
  • Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer – Putting It All Together
  • Etc. – Tidbits that Make Music...Musical!

The Workshop includes a Musical Toolkit Manual with activities, handouts, templates, charts, and exercises enabling adults to identify, explain, and use the symbols that make up the basic building blocks in the written language of music.

Attendees will also compose a short piece of music together by the end of the Workshop!