Yes, I graduated! Covid Class of 2020!

In looking at my posts, back in July 2019, I posted that I had been accepted into the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania. But I never posted that I actually graduated! Yes, Covid Class of 2020.... Here is a video of my playing Pomp and Circumstance in my living room:  

I ended up doing my Capstone on the overlap (and there is a HUGE overlap) between religion/spirituality and wellbeing/positive psychology. Here is a link to my Capstone:

Also, for a school Service Learning Project that I was involved, we created a community enrichment program for the city of Midland, Michigan, called "Developing Civility and Connection in Midland, Michigan" and here is the link: 

It is really an awesome program that could be brought to any community, especially in this day and age of public rancor!

This is a funny picture my daughter Camille sent me, from when she dressed up at Halloween, juxtaposed with me buying graduation balloons at the grocery store!